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Doctor of Naturopathy Candidate 2023

Natalie grew up in Prince Edward Island, Canada and completed her undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Prince Edward Island in 2014. 

After working in pharmaceutical compounding and being inspired by the whole body approach to medicine, Natalie knew that she too wanted to help patients treat all aspects of their health. 

Natalie is currently studying at Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto ON. CCNM is Canada's largest and longest-running school for naturopathic physicians. She is slated to graduate in 2023. 

When not studying, Natalie can be found exploring Toronto with her dog Huey, cooking healthy meals, organizing her space, or reading!


Why Naturopathic Medicine?

What sets Naturopathic Medicine apart

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

This modality encompasses tongue and pulse diagnosis, acupuncture, and herbal medicine.

Using plants and flowers to help the body  heal. Many common pharmaceuticals are  synthetic versions of botanical compounds that were used for 1000s of years. 

Botanical  Medicine

Like cures like. That is the basis of homoeopathy. Homeopathy is useful for both acute and chronic conditions. 

Clinical Nutrition

What we eat has great impacts on the body and it's not just about weight. Nutrition optimization and nutraceutical supplementing is a major area of practice for NDs.

Hydrotherapy & Massage

Hydrotherapy is the process of using water to heal and benefit the body. Bathing, changing temperatures and specific techniques have been used for 100s of years to help with all types of complaints.

Physical Medicine

While many other professions exist to exclusively deal with physical medicine, ND students are trained in orthopaedic assessments and manipulations.


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