Self-Love During Times of Change

Change. It's inevitable. Whether it's a new job, a new city, or a new family member, change is always happening.

Some deal with change more easily and readily than others. I feel as though I fall in the middle. I'm happy for change to occur and often excited to begin a new chapter, but I've never had a change as big as moving to another province alone. And I'm struggling.

I've only lived in Toronto for a week, but it's been a mix of emotions. I'm incredibly excited to be here and to begin studying naturopathic medicine, but I'm also feeling overwhelmed with the move, my emotions are "coming down" from the excitement of the road trip and I'm generally just not feeling my best. I've been struggling to maintain my ketogenic diet, my skincare routine and generally the healthy habits that I worked so hard to build at home.

But you know what? I'm okay with that. Emotional health is just as important as physical health and when we are sick, we take the time to fix our bodies, but we often forget to allow our mind time to adjust. Instead of feeling down and upset about falling off my diet, I'm making an effort to show myself love, and if that means eating a handful of Oreos, then so be it; But after that, it's time to move on and continue to show myself love by returning to my healthy eating habits.

#SelfLove is having it's 15 minutes of fame on social media. Everyone is posting pictures of speciality coffee drinks, face masks, time off from work, sitting by the pool and a whole host of other things, but I don't think that self-love is all about giving and getting stuff. Sometimes, it's about how we THINK of ourselves. We all know that negative self-talk is damaging, but yet, we all still do it, often without knowing. What if we were to talk to ourselves like we talk to our best friend? Would we say, "oh, your teeth are looking awfully yellow" everytime she smiled at you? Perhaps we'd say, "that shirt looks awful, you look like a cow." NO! If you wouldn't say it to your bestie, why are you saying it to yourself?

Changing negative self talk isn't going to be something that we can accomplish overnight, but it is something that we can work on over time. Maybe we can start by looking at ourselves before we leave for work or school and saying a simple, "you look nice" to our reflection and actually try to believe it? Or maybe, we can begin our day by streching and thanking our bodies for all that they do for us. Even if you have your flaws, which we all do, your body still gets you up everyday and your heart pumps blood for you to live. Taking a minute to stop and to appreciate the simple and basic processes is the first step to loving the big picture!

Self love can be whatever you want it to be. Do you want a new house plant? Perhaps you want 15 minutes to sit quietly in the morning, maybe, you simply want to look in the mirror and be happy with your outfit. Self love isn't always easy, but just like anything else, it can be a learning opportunity.

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