Planning for a Good Night's Sleep

Much like children, adults can benefit from having a dedicated bedtime routine!

At what point in our lives do we say “I’m just going to fall into bed when I’m tired and hope that I can get enough sleep?”

Lack of sleep can lead to many chronic health issues. It can aggravate existing conditions and may even contribute to the development of new ones. Specifically, obesity has been linked to lack of sleep, as have issues with memory and various other types of psychological disorders.

Aside from improving quality of sleep, which may include intensive lifestyle changes, tests and treatments, there are a few ways we can easily set our bodies and homes up for a beneficial night of sleep.

When do adults stop taking a bath before bed, or getting into their pjs and relaxing? When did we stop reading a bedtime story and replace it with our phones, computers and T.Vs? If you take anything from this post, you should consider this: just as we set ourselves up for a good morning, we should set ourselves up for a good sleep!

We should all be taking a lesson or two from a classic childhood bed time routine. Eat dinner, have a bath, change into PJs, relax, read a story and hop into bed at a reasonable hour!

Now, I know that there is SO MUCH more to evenings as an adult. Cleaning up after dinner, doing laundry, spending time with kids and spouses and animals, but what is to to say that we can’t build a quick routine to set us up for a good night? Here’s a few ideas to help set you up for a good night:

  • Eat a well balanced dinner with whole foods, good fat and protein

  • not only will whole foods fuel your body, but choosing healthy carbohydrates can help to release serotonin, a neurotransmitter known for its role in happiness and contentment

  • Take time to wind down

  • the perfect time for ‘self-care’. Take a bath, walk in nature, organize if that’s what you like to do. Whatever it is, just be content with taking time for YOU.

  • Relax without technology

  • perhaps you’ve been wanting to read a good book or work on your scrapbook. Take some time before bed to read or work on a quiet project, but be sure to turn the phone off, shut down the computer and keep the TV off too!

  • Get into bed at a reasonable hour

  • most people need at least 8 hours of sleep- experiment to find your ideal number

Want more tips?

  • Keep your bedroom cold and dark

  • Don’t have a TV in the bedroom

  • Use the bedroom for sleeping and sex - don’t study, play on the computer or “hang out” in the bedroom

  • Diffuse lavender or vanilla essential oils for sleep

  • Consider listening to a podcast for sleep, like Nothing Much Happens or Casper Sleep Channel on a bluetooth speaker or smart-home device

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