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A Fresh Start | January 1, 2019

Have you ever felt as though the stuff around you was overwhelming? That your table was too cluttered, your closet too full and your desk just too darn messy?

That's how I've been feeling for a while. I've always found that having a tidy space meant having a tidy mind, which became especially apparent during midterm and exam seasons during my undergrad degree. I didn't want to study until my space was clean and tidy.

Since moving into my own place, I've begun to feel even more overwhelmed with the amount of things I have around me. I have realized that I'm not good at having a bunch of stuff. I've tried being ok with it, but I just can't settle or shake the feeling of being overwhelmed. Before moving PEI --> Toronto, I downsized considerably, but with the changes of moving and starting a new program, I've seen the things around me begin to build up again.

Thats why I'm making a few changes in 2019.

I've worked very hard since 2016 to build a "capsule type" wardrobe- and I'm very happy with it. I tend to spend a bit more on pieces that I know will last and will remain part of my style for years to come. I've definitely made mistakes along the way...like that time I bought a new black cardigan that was marino wool...can you say itchy? In general though, I'm happy with my wardrobe and don't see any big or memorable changes happening early in 2019.

I have decided that I need to make similar and lasting changes to other areas of my life. Especially when it comes to things like technology, kitchen gadgets and makeup and beauty items.

Here are some of the changes I've made to push the "restart" button in 2019:

  • Technology

  • Unsubscribed from email lists

  • Delete apps on phone that I no longer use

  • Turn off notifications

  • I chose to turn off everything but text and news updates (PS: this will make the battery life on your phone SO MUCH LONGER)

  • Move files into a cloud

  • Delete old files and images

  • Makeup / Beauty Products / Shower & Bath Items

  • Late in 2018 I decided to work through my stash and now have a single of each item in my routine

  • use up, give away or toss unwanted items

  • I emptied travel sized containers that were sturdy and set them aside for trips home (2-3)

  • Double duty items

  • Shampoo as body wash

  • Something I ask myself when I feel like my makeup stash is getting too big

  • "Do you like each of these items, or do you like how they look as a group?"

  • Kitchen

  • I made a number of changes- mostly related to reducing my waste, see the post (which will be linked when it's uploaded)

Many of these changes are simple, but require consistent mindfulness to maintain. Along with downsizing, 2019 will be the year that I work hard and consciously to reduce my waste. Check back tomorrow for another post on that.

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