Behind the Blog

Natalie's first website was originally designed as a place for beauty lovers, photography lovers and lifestyle blog fans to come together and enjoy their hobbies in a collective space.

"NatHennessey" was started in 2010 as a beauty & lifestyle blog and was updated on and off for four years until Natalie began blogging regularly during the summer of 2014. Between 2012 and 2018, Natalie posted over 100 recipes, reviews, tutorials, and makeup musings. She has taken 1000s of photos (most of which are deleted before they ever reach the light of day) and has honed her skills as a product photographer. 

However, over time Natalie's own interests have changed and migrated, and she has turned NatHennessey into in to a niche blog- with a focus on naturopathic medicine schooling, wellness and general health information.

Natalie's interests have changed over the years, and she is now a naturopathic medicine student. Natalie is studying at CCNM, Canada's largest and longest running school for naturopathic physicians. She is slated to graduate in 2022. 

Natalie currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, but hails from a small east coast Canadian town.

When not blogging, Natalie can be found snuggling with Huey, her GoldenDoodle, cooking or studying!

Natalie spends a great deal of her free time listening to podcasts and audiobooks. She is especially fond of "Stuff You Should Know" "On Drugs" and "Under The Influence." 

None of the information shared on this website ( is intended to be a substitute for medical advice.

Natalie will not answer patient specific questions and will not comment on individual health/wellness plans. 

Please check with a registered health practitioner before beginning any new wellness programs, supplements or medications. 


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